Dessert Delight

Dessert Delight

Shopping for Affordable Wines

It's getting close to the season for festivities and family gatherings. Often when attending family gatherings you want to take something refreshing so here are some tips for shopping for affordable wines.

Use these five tips to save money without sacrificing flavor the next time you need wine for a large crowd.

  • Buy in Bulk
    • Many wine shops will offer a discount if you buy a particular wine by the case. Ask your local store for their policies before making your purchase.
  • Shop Sales
    • Frequent local wine shops to get a sense of how their sales work - which means you'll be ready to purchase perfect party wines when you see them hit the sale display.
  • Go Global
    • Look for wines from less-trendy wine-producing areas, such as white wines from Paso Robles or Santa Barbara rather than Napa Valley, or red wines from Argentina rather than France.
  • Think Bubbly
    • Sparkling wines are festive, fun, and a pleasant change of pace. Bonus: Many sparkling wines are less expensive than Champagne but are just as flavorful. Look for Cava, Prosecco, sparkling Pinot Noir, and Brut Rose.
  • Trust your taste buds.
    • Ask for staff recommendations for inexpensive wines based on what you're serving. Buy a few, taste, and go with what you like. Just because a bottle is more expensive doesn't mean you'll like it more.

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