Dessert Delight

Dessert Delight

Chicken Bone Broth

2 whole chicken cleaned and rinsed
4 cut in half onions (yellow or white)
2 large heads of garlic
5 stalks of celery cut in two piece or whole
2 tbsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. ground celery salt
4 dried bay leaves
2 tbsp. thyme
2 tbsp. poultry seasoning
1/2 cup Bragg apple cider vinegar
1 to 2 tbs. salt and pepper (optional) I like salt so I use both and often add more during tasting but that's up to you.

Place chicken and all vegetables and seasonings in large stock pot. Add enough water to cover all the chicken and vegetables.

Set the burner to high until liquid boils. Watch it so that the liquid doesn't boil over (which happens in my kitchen sometimes).

Reduce heat to lowest setting and simmer with the lid on. Allow to simmer, covered for about  5 hours.

Remove the vegetables, chicken meat and bones.   Strain broth into a large stock pot. You should have about 4-5 quarts.  Return the bones (only) back to the stock pot with the liquid and return to low simmer for an additional 6-12 hours. Add water if needed.

You may find that your water reduces a bit after many hours of simmering and bones are peeking out over the water. If this happens, you can add more water to cover bones.

Strain again and remove any and all bones.

Store in mason jars or freezer containers.