Dessert Delight

Dessert Delight

Eggs Rancheros

There are many variations of this popular dish, which is great for breakfast or brunch. The Combination of creamy eggs with onions, chiles, and tomatoes work wonderfully well.

Serves four for breakfast


2 corn tortillas, served days old
oil for frying
2 fresh green jalapeno chiles
1 garlic clove
4 scallions
1 large tomato
8 eggs, beaten
2/3 cup light cream
small bunch of cilantro, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut the tortillas into long strips. Pour oil into frying pan to a dept of 1/2 inch. Heat the oil until it is very hot, watching it closely.

2. Try the tortilla strips in batches for a minute or two until they are crisp and golden, turning them occasionally, then drain on paper towels.

3. Spear the chiles on a long handle metal skewer and roast them over the flame of a gas burner (or in oven) until the skin blisters and darkens. Do not let the flesh burn. Alternatively, dry fry them in a pan  until the skins are scorched. Place them in a strong plastic bag and tie the top to keep the steam in. Set aside for 30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, crush the garlic and shop the scallions finely. Cut a cross int he bottom of the tomato. Place it in a heatproof bowl and pour on boiling water to cover. After 3 minutes, lift the tomato out using a slotted spoon and plunge it into a bowl of cold water. Let sit for a few minutes to cool.

5. Drain the tomato, remove the skin, and cut into four pieces. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the seeds and the core, then dice the flesh finely.

6. Remove the chiles from the bag and peel off the skin. Cut off the stems, then slit the chiles and scrape out the seeds.  Chop the flesh finely. Put the eggs in a bowl, season with salt and pepper and beat lightly.

7. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large frying pan. Add the garlic and scallions and saute gently for 2-3 minutes, until soft. Stir in the diced tomato and cook for 3-4 more minutes, then stir in the chiles and cook for 1 minute.

8. Pour the eggs into the pan and stir until they start to set. When only a small amount of uncooked eggs remains visible, stir in the cream so taht the cooking process is slowed down and the misture cooks into a creamy mixture rather than a solid mass.

9. Stir in the chopped cilantro into the scrambled eggs. Arranging the tortilla strips on the four serving plates and spoon on the eggs. Serve immediately.

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